HH Psychiatry

Our team of Medical Doctors will help you carefully define Your drug therapy goals. We aim to achieve desired results while prescribing a minimalistic medication regime.



Integrative psychiatry is a new-age approach to mental health that combines practices and treatments from alternative medicine with conventional medicine. An example of what this means in practice is illustrated by the fact that all of our psychiatrists have extensive experience within more traditional clinical settings, including at major research facilities and hospitals. This experience is crucial to each of their training & expertise, but it is equally important that our docs are not confined to standard guidelines for care and conventional methods only. So while we have pharmaceutical resources available at our facility after a full medical evaluation has been completed, we do not push drug therapy like many health systems are trained to. We instead aim to manage and modify any drug therapy while you are under HH care, suggesting alternative options as it is clinically appropriate.  

Each member of our medical supervision team has been thoroughly trained in the science of TMS Therapy, equipping them with an advanced brain stimulation therapy that is very often more effective than medication. In fact, it is over 2x more effective at treating depression than the leading antidepressant on the market, according to the FDA. There are no serious side effects from TMS Therapy, and it can be used as an effective combination or replacement therapy when it comes to existing medications. It is remarkable therapies like this that give way to a proper integrative approach. There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all psychiatry, so we empower our physicians to think critically and to prescribe a care regime that meets the needs of the individual. And we further support that with a fully integrated spectrum of holistic brain health services, all under one roof!

While our philosophy of streamlining integrative psychiatric care may be unique in the field, we are happy to collaborate with your current physician or psychiatrist, and you will have the freedom to continue working with that provider both during and after any HH program.  Our main goal is to get results without harmful side effects, and we know that collaborative care efforts are necessary to achieve that.

It is important to note that our HH psychiatric care is reserved primarily for TMS Therapy clients and also that we refer outside of our facility to our trusted care network for any inquiries re: traditional psychiatry and/or standard medication management services.

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