Holistic Care

FULLY integrated services


Behavioral Therapy

Psychotherapy is also known as Counseling or Talk Therapy. Our individual and family psychotherapy is solutions-based, with a cognitive behavioral focus. This is a great intro to care when you don’t know where to start!

Single Service @ $150

Service Bundles & Superbills Available

BIOFEEDBACK & neurotherapy

We teach coherency and mindfulness using a proven Biosound system. Biofeedback & Neurotherapy care integrates counseling and real-life applications with quantifiable progress metrics and visualizations.

50% off Intro, Single Service @ $75

Service Bundles & Superbills Available


Our infrared sauna allows you to truly sweat from the core. Far-Infrared heat warms the body's cells faster than air or steam - systemically cleansing toxins from pathways that reduce stress, anxiety, & inflammation.

50% off Intro, Single Service @ $40

Service Bundles Available

Guided Training

Guided training is available for Restorative Yoga & Breathwork Physiology, Core Strength Training, Medical Massage Therapy and more! These individualized services focus on how physical fitness supports mental wellness.

Specialized Consultation

Meet with one of our specialist MDs to learn about the many ways alternative mental health services can help you or a loved one. We have extensive expertise when it comes to depression, anxiety, addiction, and emotional trauma!


We have high-grade nutraceuticals, medicinals, & essential oils available for purchase to offer holistic supplements that support your body’s natural systems. These are pure products from organic, research-based suppliers.